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Imagination Doctors

by JD and the Sons of Rhythm

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Satin Nights 03:52
Rave On 08:26
Deep Purple 08:53
A.D.D. 46:25


music created by improvising musicians

The musicians who create the music on IMAGINATION DOCTORS bring individual expertise on their instruments and in their craft to this collective project, called J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm.

The rhythm part of the group is producer J.D. Hopkins, his two sons Jayson and Rickie, and Joel Polacci on congas. Guitarists Mike Ohm and Frank Singer, who also plays keyboards, participate throughout the recordings utilizing their extremely diverse choices of sounds and their stylistic abilities.

Bassists Tony Stefanelli and Kenny Cornelius share time on the second disc of IMAGINATION DOCTORS, with Kenny in the 46 minute jam. Guitarist Joe Popp adds his enormous range to the same jam, providing everything from vocal sounds to distant guitar wails, and Sons of Rhythm regular Sheldon Peterson adds his unique chords and tasty lines to the mix as well.

Together they weave textures and trade blistering solos, threading together the groove as they go.
musical creation takes many forms

The first disc of this two volume set contains 10 pieces shorter than the typical J.D. cuts. These tracks were created by having Frank and Mike play with the drummers for the first pass, and then overdub various other sounds and parts to create layered textural vignettes. Each seems to naturally adopt a theme, aptly portrayed by the song titles.

Call it J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm meet World Music. Between exotic sound choices and combinations, and the trance quality of the encapsulated themes, these tracks each take on a unique character, almost suggesting a journey taken out in the world and inside the soul.

Disc two contains the 46 minute cut sandwiched between two more typical J.D. improvisations. Deep Purple catches the group in a J.D. style rock review, having fun with leads and power chords amidst the spontaneous communication. Talking in Tongues finds Singer exploring a strange vocal-like guitar sound with Stefanelli and the rhythm section talking back.

A.D.D., the long middle track, casts shades of style and color on a common thread, passed from player to player, and then combined in Ornette Coleman-like harmony. Although the collective improvisation cuts are always presented without overdubs or fades, they tend to be parts of longer jams that had moments of dis-connection or inconsistency. This cut connects for the 46 minutes, and begged to be released in its virtual full length.

IMAGINATION DOCTORS will tweak your imagination, and heal your ear. Get out from under the sameness of music, and pay a visit to the IMAGINATION DOCTORS.

music heals the generic malaise

The move toward the generic accelerates. Each town fills with the same stores, enclosed in the same malls. Planned communities sprawl across acres. Radio stations play the same songs in every city. Somehow, the world seems to shrink.

Creativity becomes more rare, and more precious. More and more are afflicted. Children slump before electronic false idols, hypnotic images holding their minds in check. Schools cancel art and music classes, and homework crowds out playtime for the youth.

Without creativity, civilization fails.

Without creativity, individuals begin to ail.

What is needed is IMAGINATION. Perhaps it is time to visit the IMAGINATION DOCTORS.


IMAGINATION DOCTORS, 13 tracks of music.

"On this CD we decided to do something a little different than our previous CD's. One disc is our usual group improvisation and the other disc highlights short improvisation scenes over which Mike and Frank dubbed midi guitar parts. We hope you enjoy."



Origivation_com CD Review

4 Stars

Finally. Finally. After countless rounds of singer-songwriters, pop-punks, hard rockers and who knows what else...something different arrives to listen to and review. J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm, a collective of ten musicians, play improvised instrumentals which draws on myriad influences, from free jazz, to world beat to jam band. It's easy to say that this style isn't exactly original, but in a landscape dominated by college jam bands who seem to want nothing more than to be the next Phish, J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm's eclectic experimentalism and improvisation set them into their own category.


released January 1, 2004

the players

Sheldon Peterson
Kenny Cornelius
Joe Popp
Joel Polacci
Frank Singer
Mike Ohm
Tony Stefanelli
Rickie Hopkins
Jayson Hopkins
J.D. Hopkins


Produced by J.D. Hopkins
Cover Art and Design by Sue Buck
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by
Randy Hetherington
Recorded at Midtown Recording


all rights reserved



JD and the Sons of Rhythm Erie, Pennsylvania

Between 2003 and 2009, Richard Carl "JD" Hopkins produced a series of improvised recording sessions, joining his two sons, Rickie and Jayson, and 32 other musicians to collectively improvise 13 Double Albums. The history of the band is presented at jdhopkins.com, along with original art and literature. JD left us on April 4 2016. His inspiration, generosity and friendship will be missed. ... more

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